"A great crime story for those of us who love a good suspense!"
"Thoroughly enjoyed the twists and turns..." 
"Once I started I couldn't stop reading until the end...."
"Amazing read...I could not put it down..waiting impatiently for part two."

Lucy Hart has never found anything more thrilling than the sound of handcuffs locking. 

She is a respected Detective in a small town where not much happens. When a case file hits her desk, she gets excited. She dedicates herself- and her social life- to solving each one. With her career at a high and a new risque romance with her good looking British partner, things are going her way. 

On Sunday May 29th, 2011 she is assigned to work on the murder case of a 16 year old girl. As the evidence unfolds and a push to get the case solved erupts, they arrest the boyfriend. Case closed. With the suspect behind bars, Lucy can't help hearing a nagging voice in her mind. Did they arrest the right person? 

The evidence can't be wrong.....can it? 

Is the real killer still out there? Follow Lucy on her journey as she tries to uncover the truth about the murder and about herself.