"...a refreshing take on a young woman's modern day life...funny and keeps you anticipating the next chapter!"


"This is a thoroughly enjoyable and humorous tale and I highly recommend reading it." 

Abigail Nolan wants it all...by the time she is 30. 

Looking forward to celebrating her 29th Birthday, she arrives at work only to find a pink slip for a present. If she thought things couldn't get any worse, they do when her fiance of two years breaks it off the same day. 

Devastated, she has no other choice but to move back in with her parents. With nobody wanting to hire her or marry her, she finds herself back at square one. 

Cramped in her family home with no privacy and endless social media updates of her friends being promoted, getting married or having babies- it all finally gets to her. After a few self pity parties and a lot of wine, she decides enough is enough! 

She begins a journal to boost her confidence. Soon she gets a new job at the local Quik Copy and agrees to go on her first date in years. Things are looking up! 

What begins as a motivational vice, her journal entries quickly turn into the humorous antics of a newly single gal. 

Follow Abigail's journey in her own words as she reinvents herself and learns that having it all may not be what life is really all about!